Weekly Blog 9

For this weeks blog I decided to look up a video tutorial on YouTube on something that I want to know how to do.


Revised Levis Ad & Billboard

6 Types of Websites



1. Brochure

There are a lot of cute cupcake stores, but not that many with great website designs. The Sprinkles cupcakes website is very nice and clean and it’s easy to navigate.







2. Social/ Community

I use yelp all the time. There area  lot of advertisements, but so do a lot of other website, so I am looking passed that and looking at how it’s organized. It’s always easy for me to search, find, review a store, restaurant etc.

3. Reference

This avocado website is amazing. Besides all the information it has, I think the layout is very well designed.


4. Ecommerce

Bloomingdales ecommerce website is well done. It shows me pictures of the models wearing the clothes, shoes and the type draws me into the picture as well.

5. Flash/ Entertainment


The last time, I think, I was in a flash website was in middle school, when I would play web games on nick or disney. This website is very interactive.

6. Web Apps

7. CMS

This is from livejournal.com









Weekly Blog 8

I came across an article titled, “Something From Nothing (or at least very little): 8 Design Secrets. It’s very short and to the point. I thought I’d share the 8 Design Secrets.

1. Crop the Image

2. Turn the image into black and white

3. Add white space

4. Break Borders

5. Play with scale

6. Change the size of the final piece

7. Lose the art- use a type treatment


Revised Advertisement




Levis2– New Comp

Advert4 – This is a really rough first sketch layout.  The photoshop is not so great, but hopefully you get my idea. I need to find better pictures to make this poster work.


Let me know what you think.

Weekly Blog 7

I thought this advertisement was very brutal. It’s bringing attention to people who tailgate. I like how they conveyed that message. In the top picture, its a normal car.  In the second picture, the page is torn showing the hidden message, but also signifying a car crash. It definitely caught my attention.

30 Sketches for Advertisement.

Word Ubiquitous.


Weekly Post Blog 6

For this weeks Blog I decided to search another Graphic Artist. I searched Saul Bass. His works includes, movie posters, prints, motion. His cinema posters were different than from the other cinema posters that were compromised of either paintings or photographs. In his cinema posters he used jagged-print objects and broken type, breaking the tradition of cinema posters. I would have posted an image of his work, but I decided to go with the image about with a quote, which really got my attention and I hope it got your attention as well.

5 Products Research

Word is Ubiquitous, which means existing or being everywhere. I wrote down tag lines that I would use for each idea, to better explain my idea.


I chose a mini cooper 4 door, because I see the 2 door mini coopers everywhere.

A Tag line that I would use is: You see it everywhere, but there is only one car that stands out from the rest.


For this idea I was thinking I could advertise the single color M&M’s that are being sold today. Tag line that I would use: Always together, never seperate…. until now.


Everyone wears jeans. For this idea I want to make Levis jeans stand out. Tag line that I would use: Everyone wears them, but there is only one.


Everyone has mouthwash in their home. What I would do to advertise this product is to tell the consumer that they can make there breath smell like cool mint with an on-the-go pack. Tag line that I would use: Get rid of the norm, try on the go. (Or something like that)


For the wayfarers I would emphasize the color or show how cool Rayban Wayferers are than other Wayferers. Tag line that I would use: Be Bolder

11 Examples of advertisement

1. Make the Metaphor








2. Promise a Benefit

3. Mention a problem

4. Get Really Real

5. Create a Character

6. Inject Drama

7. Exaggerate to the Extreme

8. Eye Candy

9. Personify

10. Take a Position

11. Make an Offer



I also found a really good website on 70 creative advertisements if anyone wants to take a look, I posted the link: