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Weekly Blog 15

For my last post I thought I’d share my favorite blog- im pretty sure you have all heard of it. It’s I love this website because it has everything- it has tutorials, awesome photography, inspiration, articles, resources, graphic design news, and contest. I found this blog while searching for new blogs to look at. I came across a website that has the top 50 Graphic Design Blogs. They’re all pretty great. I’ve taking a look at a few, but my favorite, of course, is


Revised Logo & Poster Sketches

The ideas for my poster are: Things to do in LA, Beautiful Scenery and City Life.

The top three are my City Life poster ideas. The bottom three are my things to do in LA idea. The two thumbnails on the right are the Beautiful scenery in LA idea along with the thumbnail in the second page.

Let me know what you think about my logo as well.

Weekly Blog 14

A few weeks ago in my Computer Publishing class, our professor was teaching us about kerning. Part of our homework was to read about kerning and I stumbled upon a game called The Kerning Game. This is the link —->¬†

I’ll admit I didn’t do so well, but it made me understand how to kern. It’s a fun way to practice and to realize how good you are at Kerning.

Thought I’d share.

Weekly Blog 13

I have found, yet, another female graphic designer- Marian Bantjes. She is a designer, typographer, writer and illustrator. She opened up her own design firm in 1994. She then began to blog, which caught Art Directors attention throughout North America. A lot of her work has beautiful typography- it amazes me. It’s beautiful, it’s bold, and it makes a statement. Take a look.

Inspiration for Brand ID project


This website shows the evolution of logos.

Top 35 Resources for Logo Design Inspiration

Weekly Blog 12

I finally came across a great graphic designer that is a woman- Susan Kare. Finally. I really like her work, she’s a user interface Graphics. She has paved the way for iconography utilizing grid of pixels. She started working for apple as the screen graphics and digital font designer. She has designed for apple, facebook, microsoft,, paypal, eBook reader, moma. She has also done logos, book illustrations, fonts, fine art prints, virtual gifts, weatherbug, hyperion, virtal chocolate icons, and iphone apps.

Below is some of the work she did for apple.

Web Design- Lotus Vegan: Revised


Weekly Post 11

For a while I have been seeing 8-bit images everywhere. For this post I decided to find a youtube video that will teach me how to create an 8-bit image. Pretty simple.

Weekly Blog 10

Here is another  video that taught me how to add texture.

Not so great Website Design