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Weekly Blog 15

For my last post I thought I’d share my favorite blog- im pretty sure you have all heard of it. It’s I love this website because it has everything- it has tutorials, awesome photography, inspiration, articles, resources, graphic design news, and contest. I found this blog while searching for new blogs to look at. I came across a website that has the top 50 Graphic Design Blogs. They’re all pretty great. I’ve taking a look at a few, but my favorite, of course, is


Revised Logo & Poster Sketches

The ideas for my poster are: Things to do in LA, Beautiful Scenery and City Life.

The top three are my City Life poster ideas. The bottom three are my things to do in LA idea. The two thumbnails on the right are the Beautiful scenery in LA idea along with the thumbnail in the second page.

Let me know what you think about my logo as well.