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5 Products Research

Word is Ubiquitous, which means existing or being everywhere. I wrote down tag lines that I would use for each idea, to better explain my idea.


I chose a mini cooper 4 door, because I see the 2 door mini coopers everywhere.

A Tag line that I would use is: You see it everywhere, but there is only one car that stands out from the rest.


For this idea I was thinking I could advertise the single color M&M’s that are being sold today. Tag line that I would use: Always together, never seperate…. until now.


Everyone wears jeans. For this idea I want to make Levis jeans stand out. Tag line that I would use: Everyone wears them, but there is only one.


Everyone has mouthwash in their home. What I would do to advertise this product is to tell the consumer that they can make there breath smell like cool mint with an on-the-go pack. Tag line that I would use: Get rid of the norm, try on the go. (Or something like that)


For the wayfarers I would emphasize the color or show how cool Rayban Wayferers are than other Wayferers. Tag line that I would use: Be Bolder


11 Examples of advertisement

1. Make the Metaphor








2. Promise a Benefit

3. Mention a problem

4. Get Really Real

5. Create a Character

6. Inject Drama

7. Exaggerate to the Extreme

8. Eye Candy

9. Personify

10. Take a Position

11. Make an Offer



I also found a really good website on 70 creative advertisements if anyone wants to take a look, I posted the link:

Weekly Post Blog 5

I was watching Aladdin the other day and I started to wonder about the designer who created the Aladdin poster. I did some research and found that John Alvin created the Aladdin Poster. I took a look at his portfolio and bio and found out he was a preeminent designer and illustrator in the history of cinema art. Some other movies posters he worked on was: star wars, E.T., Lord of the Rings, Beauty and  the Beast, Balto, Batman Forever and many others. Most of his work is illustrated and beautiful. I had  really enjoyed looking at an amazing talented designer. I posted one of the Aladdin posters he did because I really like the color and the layout. 

Revised Info Graphic Comp 2



Obesity Final Revised. Updated 10/4/11





Weekly Post Blog 4

I came across an article titled Experimental Logo for the MIT’s Media Lab. It talks about designing a logo. They went through many changes before they made the decision of the final logo. This article reminded me of what I will be dealing with in the real world of designing. It was interesting to see the different logos. Since I saw the actual logo first, the logos that you see on the image (here) I can tell that they just don’t work. 

8 Sketches for Project 1B

It’s a little hard to see, since I sketched it out in pencil, but hopefully you can see my idea/concept of how I want my poster to look.

Weekly Blog 3

I came across an article about clothing tags while searching for designs. The article caught my attention because my cousin designed a clothing tag for Forever 21. In the article it shows 38 clothing tags that represent their brand really well. They are all amazing, but I really like the Magpie Clothing tag because its different from the rest. It’s kind of like a stencil and it comes with a charm. It’s adorable to me and very unique-  I would not throw away this tag.

Info Graphics Project 1b- Research Topic


I decided to research television- on how watching too much television can lead to obesity within kids.

Here are a few statistics I have found:

Average child watches more than 151 hours of television/month

61 percent of Adults and 13 percent of children and adolescent are overweight.

1 out of 4 children in America spend 4 hours or more watching tv.

26% children watch 4 or more hours prepay

67% children watch 2 or more hours per day

With every extra hour/day spent watching tv associated with a 2.2 pound increase in body fat.

7% of them have a high risk of being obese as an adult

Estimated 300,000 deaths a year are caused by obesity.

10.8 percent of children who watch less than 1hr a day of tv are obese

-11.9 percent who watch 1 or 2 hrs of tv and 15.8 percent who watch 3 hours per day- were far more obese.

Info Graphic Project 1a

InfoGraphs2 – Revised Info graphic project 1a


InfoGraphs2 -Revised Info Graphic Project 1a 9/29/11

Weekly Post: 2

This design definitely caught my attention. Its bring awareness to people that stutter in a very creative and understanding way. I like how this designer printed out the poster three times and put one on top of the other leaving space from the previous one- to give a visual of “stutter”.